The first scientist evicted is…

The first scientist you’ve evicted is…

Maddison Coke

One scientist will be evicted every day this week, and you get a new vote each day. Make sure to VOTE to keep your favourite in the competition.

A student in each zone will win a voucher for asking great questions!

And remember, you can comment on questions the scientists answer. Do you think the scientist is right? Do you disagree with them? Tell them!

Posted on March 15, 2016 by ModShane in News. 6 Comments.

6 Responses to The first scientist evicted is…

  1. jimiwills says:

    Can’t believe Maddison bit it first 🙁 Such a great profile and interesting work. Hope we still see you in the chats.

  2. 672sgde22 says:

    I’m actually surprised because she was really interesting.

  3. omurtastan says:

    Yes, I secretly admired Maddy 🙂 All those nano stuff is soo cool! Yes, live chats are fun! Hope to see everyone at tomorrow chats! ☺️☺️

  4. 537sgde22 says:

    I feel sorry 🙁 🙁 . Hope to see you chatting:)

  5. 968sgde22 says:

    I feel so sad that Maddison is evicted!!!! 🙁
    Maddison’s work is really really interesting and she answers a lot of my question scientifically I really understood it.
    Anyways, good luck for your Science future!!!
    From Sammy

  6. 764sgde22 says:

    Noooo!Maddison I can’t describe to you in how much tears I am in.KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD WORK?????

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