And the winner is…

The students have spoken. The votes have been double counted…

Big congratulations to the Gold Zone winner:

Hayley Moulding

Hayley Moulding

Hard luck to Jimi Wills but a huge thank you to everyone who took part. You were all brilliant.

Students, don’t forget to tell us what you think about science now you’ve taken part. Log in to your profile, and fill in the new questions!

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9 Responses to And the winner is…

  1. 789sgde22 says:

    Well done Hayley and Jimi.

  2. 968sgde22 says:

    I am really happy that Hayley won:) , however its a bit sad that Jimi didn’t win 🙁 But Jimi this doesn’t mean you can’t do Science anymore, keep up the marvellous work.
    Hayley and Jimi have answered most of my questions, so in my eyes, both of them are winners!
    Hayley, what will you do with your prize-£500???

    • hayleymoulding says:

      Thank you very much!! I really appreciate it! I want to use my £500 to go round to schools around where I live to tell them about science. The schools I will visit will be schools which might not have access to computers or might not be excited about science yet. My belief is that all children should have the opportunity to be excited by science and I want to contribute to that!

  3. 458gdge23 says:


  4. 672sgde22 says:

    Congrats Hayley ?O:-) 😛
    Bad luck Jimi.

  5. 336sgde22 says:

    well done Hayley. jimmy, keep up the good work

  6. 567sgde22 says:

    Well done Hayley and congrats !!!!!! ?? But it is sad that Jimi lost ?

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