Thank you from your winner – Hayley!

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We asked Hayley to tell us about winning I’m a Scientist, and here is what she said… 

Hello guys 🙂

The past 2 weeks have been phenomenal! Absolutely crazy and amazingly exciting. It has been so different every day. It has been absolutely mad! I genuinely cannot believe that I have officially won I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here in the Gold Zone! I have enjoyed every second of the madness and have only love and appreciation for all of the brilliant and successful scientists: Jimi, Omur, Madison and our space-inhabiting man, Chris. I couldn’t have taken part without the contributions and commitment of the rest of the scientists.

Obviously the genuine and rightful winners of this are the students. You have all had so many interesting, intelligent but some bewildering questions! You are most definitely going to be so successful in your future careers. You are asking such great questions at such a young age. Before my time of asking questions like that! Much better than I ever did!

In addition to that, I want to say a massive thanks to the moderators who made everything possible. Without them surveying the chats and keeping us all in line and not going overboard with our enthusiasm, we wouldn’t have been able to do the thrilling chats.

What was mind-blowing was the intelligence and ingenuity of all of the questions. From asking me what brains of autistic children look like, to asking me who my favourite footballer was! There was such diversity and passion behind every question. I have also learnt a tremendous amount! I have learnt so much about space! Some of the questions have truly inspired my research especially ‘do twins sleep the same?’ That was an outstanding question!

I now don’t really know what to do everyday. I am going to have to pester my friends and colleagues to ask me questions and just talk at them about science!! I am excited to get on with my research and integrate all these questions. It has been so inspiring and I can now go into other schools and communities and tell them about the amazing people I have interacted with over the past two weeks.

Just a phenomenal thanks to everyone – the students (you are superstars), the scientists (congratulations to you all, and Jimi you were an admirable runner-up) and everyone involved. I can now stop pestering my friends, family and colleagues everyday. They’ve heard so much about the wonderful people I have spoken to who have inspired me.

Much appreciated and cheers!

Posted on March 22, 2016 by modantony in News. 4 Comments.

4 Responses to Thank you from your winner – Hayley!

  1. chrisconselice says:

    Thanks Hayley and congrats! Well deserved win!

  2. omurtastan says:

    Congratulations girl! This whole thing was so much fun and I shall never forget the live chats! 🙂

  3. 567sgde22 says:

    WELLLL DONE !!!!!!!! HAYLEY ?? thanks for the compliment 1 I really want to know who won I’m a scientist get me out of here -students.

  4. hayleymoulding says:

    Thanks everyone 🙂

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