• Question: How did Saturn get its rings?

    Asked by 352gdge33 to Chris, Hayley, Jimi, Maddison, Omur on 11 Mar 2016. This question was also asked by Deeps 2005.
    • Photo: Chris Conselice

      Chris Conselice answered on 11 Mar 2016:

      No one really knows, but it is probably due to the formation of the planet and the rings are left over material that didn’t form a moon. Also, many other planets have rings like those on saturn.

    • Photo: Jimi Wills

      Jimi Wills answered on 11 Mar 2016:

      Saturn has a very strong graviational pull, so it’s likely that it captured comets and asteroids into orbit and they collided with each other. They may also have collided with other moons. Eventually the pieces got smaller and smaller from hitting each other and spread out to form the rings.

    • Photo: Omur Tastan

      Omur Tastan answered on 11 Mar 2016:

      Most planets pull things toward themselves. I guess some pulled stuff and those stuff got stuck to each other and formed Moons. But in Saturn’s case the stuff that was spinning was not interested in sticking to each other and stayed that way. So Saturn got its rings 🙂